Recycled plastics as a fashionable Lifestyle

A leaning to create a massive legacy of recycling as a fashionable lifestyle.
-O-XYGEN targets today’s youth who want to express their personal attitude through modern wearing apparel. The collection includes ready-to-wear clothing and accessories, all made from recycled plastic materials from textiles to accessories.
-O-XYGEN is fashion made from recycled plastics carrying the specific message of awareness to recycle. A fashionable way to show affection to this today’s new mindset.

Our Vision

Create a powerful statement by starting a new way of how people think about consuming fashion and design. There are many factors that have to interact with the whole process of design, production, use and, consumption in order to make a project truly sustainable.


Extending the life of our belongings is the most direct way to reduce waste and pollution, so changing our opinion about property and expanding its integrity is increasingly important. We create products from recycled materials and offer our clients to return their products in order to circular recycle at the end of their lifecycle.


ECOPIXEL has created a recognizable look in design in recycled plastics : the pixelated look obtained by fusing mono-polymers with low temperatures, already resulting in an over 60 different tonalities. This recognizable look of the recycling of plastic, has inspired us to create the designs looks for the new fabrics

-O-XYGEN Is made of recycled plastics

We decide to design with recycled plastic materials, that can be returned after use to be again recycled (or re-used) this way never ending up as waste. Our goal is to make products with a maximum lifecycle, but when the time comes can easily be recycled.
All products that show additional materials are dismountable in their hardware and straps, so to easily be recycled.